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A “Mezzo Canale” (half-channel) dive with Argentario Divers.

Argentario Experience: a “Mezzo Canale” (half-channel) dive with Argentario Divers.
To describe this wonderful experience, I rely on the images and words of Simone Nicolini of Argentario Divers (Porto Ercole) and the splendid video by Davide De Benedictis.

The dive at Mezzo Canale is one of the most beautiful and fascinating in the Mediterranean.
The shoal is located right in the middle of the channel between the island of Giannutri, the island of Giglio and the Argentario promontory, close to the 100 metre mark, in a very special area due to its geological conformation.
It is a mountain that rises from 100 metres up to 24 metres, with steep walls that quickly sink towards the abyss, forming canyons and splendid rockfalls.
The cap of the shoal is the sighting point for large pelagic fish, which often wander about in search of smaller prey. Beyond the 30-metre level, the large gorgonians and beautiful encrusting sponges take over the rock.
Amongst the large fans of yellow (Eunicella cavolini) and red (Paramuricea clavata) gorgonian sea fans, the beautiful gorgonian stars (Astrospartus mediterraneum) rest and hide, as well as black sea bream, groupers, lobsters and everything else that can be found in the Mediterranean.
Around 50 metres the most unpredictable encounters are usually made: sunfish, large groupers circling among the branches of false black coral (Gerardia savaglia), melon urchins and pencil urchins.

Above 65m the large forests of black coral (Antipathella subpinnata) make for a fairytale landscape with an incredible atmosphere.
The dive at Mezzo Canale is certainly unforgettable, but great attention must be paid to weather conditions, as the currents are often very strong.
Underwater video by Davide de Benedictis: https://vimeo.com/132880568

Have fun and… see you next time on Ebe Montresor’s “Argentario Experience”.

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