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Golf Experience

One of the local excellence is the magnificent golf course!
Going to the Argentario Golf Resort & Spa I think I would never be able to fully enjoy this wonderful corner of the Argentario, having never played this sport before.
But on arrival… everything change!
The helpful and knowledgeable staff immediately find the solution for me!
The “Golf Experience”¬†package!
“Golf Experience” is designed for people, like me, who have never played golf before and includes golf lessons with one of the professional instructors from the Argentario PGA Golf Academy, and, very importantly, includes the appropriate equipment and balls for the driving range.
The experience is wonderful, not only for the beauty of this sport and the professionalism (and patience) of the instructor, but also for the context.
I “pause” my lesson for a moment and look around me: 77 hectares of land protected by BioAgriCert certification, the soft dance of the ground unevenness with its many shades of green, the luxuriant nature, the sound of the breeze, the scents of the vegetation… and in the distance the blue sea that frames this magnificent picture.
The structure is a reference not only for golf lovers (the only “PGA National” structure in Italy, top recognition in the golf world), but also for all sports lovers.
In fact, they inform me that all the rates at the Argentario Golf Resort & Spa include the use of the tennis and padel courts, football pitch, 2 jogging tracks and, in summer, the swimming pools.
The enthusiasm is obviously sky high, as is the excitement! But the day continues “great”!
To my great joy I discover that the Golf Experience package also includes a Welcome Dinner at the Club House Restaurant. I end the day on the restaurant’s large terrace, undecided between typical Argentario cuisine or a club sandwich!
I’ll leave you like this, without telling you my choice! …also because they have just brought me an excellent Italian wine that deserves all my attention!

Have fun and… see you next time with Ebe Montresor’s “Argentario Experience” column.

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