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An (im)perfect day of hiking

I love Argentario for the countless opportunities for outdoor activities.
Today we are setting off on an (im)perfect day of hiking on the path leading to Capo D’Omo.
Why (im)perfect?
Because our departure is interrupted by the surprise arrival of a group of friends from Cassino… and so we decide that, before the hike, we’d better choose a restaurant! Ah…a good start!
And here we are, ready to ‘recharge our batteries’ at La Terrazza, a restaurant overlooking the port at Porto S. Stefano. In anticipation of the walk (we hope!) we opted for a series of appetizers accompanied by a couple of bottles of Lucumone (not really in the category ‘mineral supplements’ but …)! Smoked fish with fruit, mousse, octopus…
Fortunately it is early June and the weather allows us to freely choose the time of our walk and, after dessert we decide to set off, some by bike and some by car.
The path to Capo d’Omo starts right from the Panoramica and you can leave your car on the road, in a parking area. By bike, you can get even closer to your destination and do the first stretch by bike. The marked path, very wide at the beginning and then narrower and more uneven. Once you have passed through the dense vegetation, the path offers an exceptional view and you have the feeling that you are at the top of the world. Your gaze wanders freely between Giannutri, the island of Giglio and beyond, where you can see the outline of the other islands in the archipelago. The day is not crystal clear, but the colours are equally breathtaking. The sheer cliffs overhanging the sea make quite an impression… my friends are speechless! Surprised to find themselves in such a serviceable setting just a few minutes from the main road.
We can already see our destination, the ruins of the Capo d’Omo tower, and we continue along the ridge among the many flowers typical of this month.
Between photos, chatting and laughing (but always careful where we put our feet) we reach the tower and enjoy the immensity that opens up before us. Here there is also one of the most beautiful cliffs in Italy, which is a must for climbing enthusiasts.
The air is fresh and the temperature ideal! I take advantage of the stop to give some information to my friends… “We are 350 metres above sea level, the tower was built in the Middle Ages and maintained its role of defence and lookout until the 19th century. Its difficult position to reach and its exposure to the winds did not make it an object of desire for private individuals and so…” Oh nooo… they all disappeared!
I laugh and think that sometimes you don’t need to know everything, you just need to live in the moment!
And this is really beautiful moment: surrounded by nature, sun, sea, fantastic views and friends!
We came back chatting and planning the evening… determined to enjoy every minute together on the Argentario!
Not as true sportsmen, but as true friends, we had an aperitif at Il Grottino, where Generoso served us raw fish and many tasty snacks.
A little tired from the long day (and clearly in need of a shower) we chose to have dinner at home… so there was only one thing left to do: to go to the fishmonger’s “Da Roberto” and fulfil the last wishes to put on the table! Clams and bottarga… a classic dish!
What a beautiful day! An “imperfection” just perfect! Try it to believe it!


  • Difficulty of the path to Capo D’Omo: easy, but be careful where you put your feet. Many stretches overhang the sea, if you have children make “a thousand recommendations” or hold their hands.
  • Duration: 40/60 minutes from the road…at least I think so! I’ve always promised myself to calculate how many minutes it takes from the road to the tower, but I’ve always been distracted by the view and the photos and every time I forget to look at my watch!
  • Tips: trainers or walking shoes, appropriate clothing, sun hat, water… and a snack to have once you get to the tower.

Have fun and… see you next time on Ebe Montresor’s “Argentario Experience”.

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